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Timor *

A surprisingly clean coffee from a very unique origin. Rich and thick with chocolate, carob and malt building a backdrop for cinnamon, black currant and peanut flavors in the finish. A smooth, no-bite coffee that will shine at medium to dark roasts and pa
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Producer: Cooperativa Cafe Timor
Region: Ainaro, Ermera, East Timor Certification: Fairtrade, Organic
Variety: Bourbon, Timor Hybrid
Elevation (MASL): 800 - 1600
Processing: Fully Washed

Body: Heavy

Acidity: Mild

An amazing bean! Super clean, roasts with very little chaff. Very forgiving on time and temp, tough to burn and makes little smoke. The result of a long, slow roast is a sweet, syrupy, smooth cup of heaven. Not as complex as some African varieties, but incredibly drinkable. Get this before it’s gone!

I bought this with about 5 other kinds of raw beans from around the world to see what we liked best and for us this was hands down the winner. I also have tried 3 other kinds since then and this still remains on top for our liking.

This has become my favorite coffee. Smooth, rich and flavorful. Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees were always on the top of my list but this one ranks #1 now.

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