Raw Coffee (priced per pound)

Brazil Fazenda Lagarta *

A sweet and nutty bean with flavors of chocolate and spiced fruits. Light roasts show brighter fruit, peanut, and gentle spice character while darker roasts push bakers chocolate, roasted nuts and blackened cane sugar.



Malawi MZUZU (New 2019 Crop) *

A big coffee from Africa's smallest coffee producer. Lighter roasts are bursting with fresh citrus balanced by sweet dark chocolate and molasses flavors. Darker roasts trend towards bittersweet chocolate with a touch of candied nuts.



Dominican Republic Ramirez Estate *

Deliciously complex with a thick body and lingering finish. Lighter roasts highlight cherry cola, vanilla, nougat and cane sugar flavors. Darker roast flavors transition quickly into bakers chocolate and dark roasted nuts.



Yemen Hayma *

An intense and exciting coffee from an equally intense and exciting country. Rich flavors of dried tropical fruit, fresh stone fruit, black tea, raw honey, chai spice and a touch of pecan nuttiness can be found at lighter roasts. Darker roasts add molas



Rwanda Maraba *

Pleasantly fruity with a sweet finish. Lighter roasts highlight dried peach, nectarine, red grape, caramel, raw honey and black tea flavors. In the darker roasts bakers chocolate and bruleed honey eclipse the fruitier flavors.



Honduras Cascara Tea 1oz

A unique tea that taste like ripe coffee cherries. Naturally sweet with flavors of dried tart cherry, sweet lime, cane sugar and red grape. Delicious both as a hot tea as well as iced tea.



Colombia EA Decaf *

Easily one of the best decaf coffees we’ve tried. Sweet, clean and delicious. Flavors of sweet citrus, caramel and milk chocolate are present in lighter roasts. Darker roasts result in a smooth and rich coffee.



Burundi Mbirizi *

Smooth a rich with a lingering finish. Lighter roasts present candied orange, milk chocolate, subtle fresh herb and raw honey flavors. Darker roasts transition into bittersweet chocolate and blackened honey