Raw Coffee (priced per pound)

Papua New Guinea Enorga *

A rich, satisfying coffee that doesn't require dark roasting for a bold and balanced cup. Dark chocolate and caramel support red currant and juniper berry nuance. From second crack onward, smoky, spicy flavors will overtake the fruit and herb subtlety.



Rwanda Abakundakawa *

As fun to drink as it is to say. Light roasts highlight honey sweetened black tea, red plum, dark brown sugar and a subtle clove spiciness. Darker roasts will draw out bakers chocolate and toasted graham flavors.



Sulawesi Sapan *

A classic Sulawesi coffee. Lighter roasts present of delicious mix of subtle fresh herbs, cedar, green pepper and dark chocolate flavors. Darker roasts will draw out rich bakers chocolate and blackened cane sugar flavors.



Tanzania Mbozi Peaberry *

A smooth and clean crowd pleaser. Lighter roasts will highlight sweet black tea, fresh grapefruit and dark chocolate. Darker roasts transition into a unsweetened black tea and bittersweet chocolate.



Tanzania Mlama Honey *

Part 2 of our Tanzanain Process Trifecta! The honey process is pulped but not washed, smoothing out the body and boosting some fruit notes. Taste for toffee, raspberry lemonade and pink grapefruit in light roasts with malt and cacao showing in darker roas



Ethiopia Gedeb Kochere *

A bright and lively coffee. Lighter roasts are delightfully fruity with fresh citrus, clean melon, fresh peach, raw honey and caramel flavors. The heavier fruit flavors will carry through into the initial dark roast stages complementing the molasses and



Colombia EA Decaf *

Easily one of the best decaf coffees we’ve tried. Sweet, clean and delicious. Flavors of sweet citrus, caramel and milk chocolate are present in lighter roasts. Darker roasts result in a smooth and rich coffee.



Yemen Hayma *

An intense and exciting coffee from an equally intense and exciting country. Rich flavors of dried tropical fruit, fresh stone fruit, black tea, raw honey, chai spice and a touch of pecan nuttiness can be found at lighter roasts. Darker roasts add molas



Tanzania Lyamungo Natural *

Part 3 of our Tanzanian Process Trifecta! The natural process cranks the volume on the fruit notes while toning down the acidity. Taste for grape hard candy, ripe peach, milk chocolate, and dried berry flavors… a bit more sensitive in the roaster so watch



Honduras Cascara Tea 1oz

A unique tea that taste like ripe coffee cherries. Naturally sweet with flavors of dried tart cherry, sweet lime, cane sugar and red grape. Delicious both as a hot tea as well as iced tea.