Sumatra Gayo Natural *

A uniquely fruit forward Sumatran coffee. Lighter roasts highlight ripe melon, guava, dried peach and savory herb flavors. The fruit flavor carries into the darker roasts levels and the coffee gains a sage infused bakers chocolate flavor.



Sumatra Boru Batak *

An exceptionally clean wet hulled coffee. Lighter roasts highlight fresh cedar, sage, leather, bakers chocolate and butterscotch flavors. Dark roasts trend towards savory dark chocolate flavors.



Java Kayumas *

A crowd favorite, especially for those that love the rich earthy coffees of Indonesia. Flavors of dark chocolate, fresh savory herbs, sweet oats and peat are present in lighter roasts. As the roast develops the earthy bakers chocolate flavors take over.



Bali Kintamani - 2020 Pre-Buy

This coffee is due in to our Portland store the first week of December.

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