Far East

Sumatra Kokowagayo *

A pleasantly rustic, heavy bodied coffee. Sage, leather, sweet grass and pepper present in the lighter roast range with a clean caramel and graham cracker finish. Look for big chocolate and sweet/savory spices as second crack starts.



Java Konag Springs Natural *

A fun Indonesian fruit bomb with strong tropical fruit flavors and a lovely lime zestiness. Lighter roasts highlight tamarind, candied orange, sweet melon, dried berries and caramel flavor. The fruit flavors carry well into the darker roasts.



Papua New Guinea Kindeng *

An excellent example of PNG coffees. A cross between a chocolatey Central American and a pleaseantly earthy Indonesian coffee. Lighter roasts highlight sweet pine, cocoa and mild nut flavors. Darker roasts trend towards bittersweet chocolate and robust