Far East

Bali Kintamani Natural *

A rich and overtly fruity coffee that is a seasonal favorite. Flavors of dried tropical fruit, ripe stone fruit, fresh savory herbs, praline and raw cacao are present in the lighter roast levels. The herbal fruity flavors carry through to darker roasts.



Sumatra Kokowagayo *

Sage, leather, sweet grass and pepper present in the lighter roast range with a clean caramel and graham cracker finish. Look for big chocolate and sweet/savory spices as second crack starts. A fine showing from an Indonesian bumper crop.



Sulawesi Rantekarua *

A classic Sulawesi coffee. Lighter roasts present of delicious mix of subtle fresh herbs, cedar, green pepper and dark chocolate flavors. Darker roasts will draw out rich bakers chocolate and blackened cane sugar flavors.



Java Curah Tatal *

A crowd favorite, especially for those that love the rich earthy coffees of Indonesia. Flavors of dark chocolate, fresh savory herbs, sweet oats and peat are present in lighter roasts. As the roast develops the earthy bakers chocolate flavors take over.



Thailand Chang Mai *

A crisp and balanced coffee with a clean finish. Subtle stone fruit and fresh pear flavors are present in lighter roasts along with sugar cane and a touch of milk chocolate. Darker roasts trend towards classic blackened sugar flavors.



Papua New Guinea Peaberry *

Clean and relatively bright for a PNG coffee. Lighter roasts present flavors of subtle stone fruit, fresh savory herbs, meyer lemon and raw cacao. As roast progress towards the second crack flavors of dark chocolate, roasted nuts and dried herbs develop



Flores Bajawa Ngura *

A delicious coffee that is as rich and interesting as the country that produced it. Lighter roasts present flavors of dark chocolate, hazelnuts, fresh tobacco and crisp juniper. Darker roasts will draw out the classic rich earthy and baker chocolate fla



Sumatra Gayo Mandiri *

Sweet and rich with a pleasant herbal finish. Lighter roast levels present subtle sandalwood, agave, anise and dark chocolate flavors. As the roast progress towards the second crack, the herbal flavors decrease and dark chocolate and blackened brown suga