Central America

Costa Rica El Indio *

A smooth and sweet classic Costa Rican coffee. Lighter roasts present flavors of sweet roasted nuts, caramel, milk chocolate and a touch of citrus. Darker roasts highlight the classic dark roast flavors of bakers chocolate and caramelized sugar.



Guatemala Beneficio Pastores *

A chocolatey crowd pleaser. Lighter roasts present flavors of drinking chocolate, nougat and cane sugar with a touch of candied orange. As roast progress towards second crack the flavors transition towards bakers chocolate and roasted nuts.



Mexico Sierra Azul *

Sweet with a complex nuttiness. Lighter roasts highlight peanut, praline and almond flavors that are balanced with red grape and a touch of candied citrus.



Nicaragua PROCOCER *

A classic Nicaraguan coffee. Lighter roasts present sweet milk chocolate, nougat, brown sugar and dark grape flavors. As roasts progress the dark chocolate and blackened cane sugar flavors develop.