Raw Coffee (priced per pound)

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Kenya Karimikui *

Sweet and lively. Lighter roasts highlight sweet tropical fruit, fresh grapefruit, caramel, vanilla and subtle savory herbal flavors. As roast progress towards second crack sweetened black tea and bittersweet chocolate flavors develop.



Java Echwan Natural *

Another Indonesian fruit bomb with strong tropical fruit flavors and a lovely lime zestiness. Lighter roasts highlight tamarind, candied orange, sweet melon, dried berries and caramel flavor. The fruit flavors carry well into the darker roasts.



Ethiopia Limu Washed *

A clean and versatile Ethiopian offering with vanilla, brown sugar, delicate florals and mild citrus showing in the lighter roasts while darker roasts present an earthier side favoring caramel, cacao, and ginger spice.



Java Pokmas Walida Honey *

A deliciously unique Indonesian coffee. Lighter roasts highlight strawberry, mango, dark chocolate and cola flavors with a touch of savory herbs. As roasts progress towards second crack molasses and black tea flavors take over.



Ethiopia Ahmed Abatemam Honey*

A very sweet and pleasantly complex coffee. Lighter roasts present canned pineapple, fresh pear and sweetened black tea flavors. A rich toffee sweetness and raw sugar flavors balance the fruitiness and create a delightful complexity.



Bolivia Cafe Yungas *

A crowd pleaser from one of our favorite origins. Lighter roast levels present flavors of apple, fresh caramel, vanilla and a nougat. As the roast progresses towards second crack chocolate, caramelized cane sugar and roasted nut flavors develop.



Sumatra Gayo Natural *

A uniquely fruit forward Sumatran coffee. Lighter roasts highlight ripe melon, guava, dried peach and savory herb flavors. The fruit flavor carries into the darker roasts levels and the coffee gains a sage infused bakers chocolate flavor.



Ecuador Finca El Sauce *

Clean and complex with a crowd pleasing flavor profile. lighter roast highlight rich stone fruit, dark berries, milk chocolate and cane sugar flavors. Darker roasts will draw out the molasses, dark chocolate and cola flavors.



Tanzania Lyela Peaberry *

A tasty example of a classic peaberry. Lighter roaster present a cane sugar sweetness with lemonade, subtle savory herb and black tea flavors. Darker roasts draw out a sweetend dark chocolate flavor.



Mexico EA Decaf *

A smooth easy drinking coffee. Subtle earthy flavors with a pleasant graham nuttiness, a touch of dark chocolate and sweet lemon brightness at lighter roast levels.