Raw Coffee (priced per pound)

Ethiopia Hambela Gotiti Natural *

A lovely dark berry fruit bomb. Flavors of sweet dark blackberry, dried black cherry, milk chocolate, nougat and a candied orange peel are present in the lighter roast levels. The fruity flavors carry into the darker roast levels combining with bruleed



El Salvador Finca San Rafael *

A balanced and smooth crowd pleaser. Lighter roasts present light caramel, milk chocolate and peanut butter flavors with a touch of fresh citrus. Darker roasts draw out rich bakers chocolate and candied cane sugar flavors.



Ethiopia Gorbitu *

A bright and refreshing coffee. Lighter roasts will highlight sweet citrus, peach and strawberry flavors with a touch of jasmine and sweet black tea. Chocolate, molasses and candied citrus flavors develop as you approach second crack.



Costa Rica Santa Maria *

A crowd pleasing easy drinking coffee. At the lighter roast levels you’ll find flavors of sweet caramel, milk chocolate, subtle nuts, candied citrus and sweet orange. Darker roasts will pull out molasses, dark chocolate and bruleed caramel flavors.



Brazil Sertaozinho *

Sweet and slightly nutty with a subtle fruitiness. Light roasts present stone fruit, peanut, caramel, and graham flavors. Darker roast flavors trend towards dark roasted nut, bakers chocolate and blackened cane sugar.



Panama Boquete *

Smooth chocolatey and pleasantly bright. Light roasts trend towards candied citrus, red grape, sweet milk chocolate, nougat, caramel and brown sugar flavors. Darker roasts will draw out molasses and bakers chocolate flavors.



Guatemala Santa Rosa *

A rich and full bodied Central American coffee that pushes chocolate and caramel flavors to the forefront. Mixed toasted nuts and subtle orange citrus play in the background. A nice single variety coffee that works well at a full range of roast levels.



Bolivia Cafe Yungas *

A crowd pleaser that doesn’t disappoint. Lighter roast levels present flavors of green apple, fresh caramel, vanilla and a touch of raw nuts. As the roast progresses towards second crack chocolate, caramelized cane sugar and roasted nut flavors develop



Honduras Johelita *

This is an elegant Honduran coffee that layers a candy bar backbone of milk chocolate, nougat and mixed nuts with gentle citrus and cherry notes. Moving towards 2nd crack builds body and emphasizes dark chocolate and dried dark fruit.



Guatemala Montecristo *

A smooth talking crowd pleaser. Lighter roasts present flavors of sweet milk chocolate, caramel and panela with a touch of sweet citrus. As roast progress towards the second crack blackened marshmallow and roasted nuts flavors emerge.



Kenya Gatuyaini *

A crisp and exciting coffee. Lighter roast explode with flavors of cranberries, tangerines, raspberries, sweet caramel and persimmons. Darker roasts create a thicker mouthfeel and adds rich dark chocolate and blackened cane sugar flavors.



Colombia Finca El Tulipan *

A classic Colombian flavor profile. Subtle citrus, fresh stone fruit, caramel and chocolate flavors are highlighted at lighter roasts. Darker roasts will pull out the dark chocolate, candied nut and molasses flavors.