Raw Coffee (priced per pound)

Ethiopia Hambela Gotiti Natural *

A lovely dark berry fruit bomb. Flavors of sweet dark blackberry, dried black cherry, milk chocolate, nougat and a candied orange peel are present in the lighter roast levels. The fruity flavors carry into the darker roast levels combining with bruleed



Ethiopia Homacho Waeno Sidama *

Nearly as fruity as a natural this washed coffee does not disappoint. Tangerine, peach and sweet lemon lead the flavor charge with raw honey and chocolate playing a nice supporting role. Darker roasts will quickly diminish the fruit flavors and add black



Colombia Nelson Fabio Cordoba *

Big, sweet, round and covered in fruit! This is a “washed” coffee that speaks “natural” fluently. The fruit flavors range from the expected berry and stone fruit into more exotic guava and mango notes. A juicy and exciting coffee that speaks to experiment



Costa Rica Jose Antonio Garcia *

A classic Costa Rican crowd pleaser. At the lighter roast levels you’ll find flavors of sweet lemon, milk chocolate, caramel and subtle roasted nuts. Darker roasts will pull out flavors of molasses, dark chocolate.



Bali Kintamani Natural *

A rich and overtly fruity coffee that is a seasonal favorite. Flavors of dried tropical fruit, ripe stone fruit, fresh savory herbs, praline and raw cacao are present in the lighter roast levels. The herbal fruity flavors carry through to darker roasts.



Colombia Finca El Tulipan *

A classic Colombian flavor profile. Subtle citrus, fresh stone fruit, caramel and chocolate flavors are highlighted at lighter roasts. Darker roasts will pull out the dark chocolate, candied nut and molasses flavors.



Brazil COCARIVE Honey *

A rich, heavy coffee with a rye bread and wholegrain backbone that supports a dark chocolate brownie mid-palate with a spicy rootbeer and sassafras finish. No gimmicks here, just coffee.



Sumatra Kokowagayo *

Sage, leather, sweet grass and pepper present in the lighter roast range with a clean caramel and graham cracker finish. Look for big chocolate and sweet/savory spices as second crack starts. A fine showing from an Indonesian bumper crop.



Guatemala Yoesmi Martinez *

A beautifully balanced American coffee that shows classic caramel apple and cherry pie notes in the lighter roast range then builds to rich peanut toffee and browned butter before going all dark chocolate and burnt marshmallow at second crack.



Kenya Kamoini *

A bright and balanced coffee that is sure to please. Lighter roast levels will highlight meyer lemon, fresh orange, sweet caramel and raw cane sugar flavors. As roast progress toffee and bruleed sugar flavors emerge.



Sulawesi Rantekarua *

A classic Sulawesi coffee. Lighter roasts present of delicious mix of subtle fresh herbs, cedar, green pepper and dark chocolate flavors. Darker roasts will draw out rich bakers chocolate and blackened cane sugar flavors.



Yemen Hayma *

An intense and exciting coffee from an equally intense and exciting country. Rich flavors of dried tropical fruit, fresh stone fruit, black tea, raw honey, chai spice and a touch of pecan nuttiness can be found at lighter roasts. Darker roasts add molas