Raw Coffee (priced per pound)

Nicaragua Sabor de Segovias *

A classic Nicaraguan coffee. Sweet milk chocolate and raw peanut lead the way at lighter roasts. Darker roasts bring out rich dark chocolate and caramelized brown sugar flavors.



Brazil COCARIVE Honey *

A rich, heavy coffee with a rye bread and wholegrain backbone that supports a dark chocolate brownie mid-palate with a spicy rootbeer and sassafras finish. No gimmicks here, just coffee.



Ethiopia Limmu Kossa Natural *

Overtly fruity and pleasantly sweet. Light roasts are brimming with fruit flavor ranging from fresh tropical fruits to dark berries and sweet citrus. Milk chocolate, brown sugar and cocoa nibs flavors are present as well. The fruit flavors carry well i



Bali Kintamani Natural *

A rich and overtly fruity coffee that is a seasonal favorite. Flavors of dried tropical fruit, ripe stone fruit, fresh savory herbs, praline and raw cacao are present in the lighter roast levels. The herbal fruity flavors carry through to darker roasts.



Peru Chiclayo *

A sweet and clean crowd pleaser. Fresh citrus zest, caramel, milk chocolate and graham flavors are highlighted in lighter roasts. As roasts progress towards second crack dark chocolate and candied nut flavors take over.



Mexico GAIA Sicobe *

A fun coffee that breaks the mold of traditional Oaxacan coffees. Lighter roasts are surprisingly fruity with lemongrass, dark berries and raisin flavors joining forces with brown sugar, caramel and savory spices.



Costa Rica El Indio *

A smooth and sweet classic Costa Rican coffee. Lighter roasts present flavors of sweet roasted nuts, caramel, milk chocolate and a touch of citrus. Darker roasts highlight the classic dark roast flavors of bakers chocolate and caramelized sugar.



Colombia El Lirio *

A smooth and sweet classic Colombian coffee that handles the full spectrum of roast levels. Lighter roasts present raw sugar cane, sweet lemon and caramel flavors. Darker roast flavors transition to rich bakers chocolate.



Sumatra Kokowagayo *

Sage, leather, sweet grass and pepper present in the lighter roast range with a clean caramel and graham cracker finish. Look for big chocolate and sweet/savory spices as second crack starts. A fine showing from an Indonesian bumper crop.



Guatemala Alfonso Anzueto *

Balanced and versatile with a classic Huehue profile of hazelnut, chocolate and toffee that presents some delicate apple and cherry sparkle in lighter roasts. This coffee holds its character well into darker roasts where chocolate dominates the cup.



Papua New Guinea Enorga *

A rich, satisfying coffee that doesn't require dark roasting for a bold and balanced cup. Dark chocolate and caramel support red currant and juniper berry nuance. From second crack onward, smoky, spicy flavors will overtake the fruit and herb subtlety.