Raw Coffee (priced per pound)

Colombia Finca El Condor *

A classic Colombian flavor profile. Subtle citrus, fresh stone fruit, caramel and chocolate flavors are highlighted at lighter roasts. Darker roasts will pull out the dark chocolate, candied nut and molasses flavors.



Guatemala Tadeo Lopez *

A delicious crowd pleaser. Lighter roasts present a subtle candied citrus, sweet red apple and raw sugar flavors. Sweet milk chocolate is present through the medium roast levels and develops into a bakers chocolate as roast progresses into second the cr



Kenya Fram *

A sweet and well balanced coffee. Lighter roasts highlight fresh melon, meyer lemon, peach candy, red grape and black tea flavors. Darker roasts transition from sweet black tea to blackened cane sugar.



Ethiopia Guji Natural *

A rich and fruity coffee that does not disappoint. Lighter roasts are bursting with vibrant dark berry and tropical fruit flavors. Sweet mango, raspberry and strawberry flavors lead the way with milk chocolate and molasses adding a nice complexity.



Papua New Guinea Peaberry *

Clean and relatively bright for a PNG coffee. Lighter roasts present flavors of subtle stone fruit, fresh savory herbs, meyer lemon and raw cacao. As roast progress towards the second crack flavors of dark chocolate, roasted nuts and dried herbs develop



Brazil COCARIVE Honey *

A rich, heavy coffee with a rye bread and wholegrain backbone that supports a dark chocolate brownie mid-palate with a spicy rootbeer and sassafras finish. No gimmicks here, just coffee.



Brazil Fazenda Lagarta *

A sweet and nutty bean with flavors of chocolate and spiced fruits. Light roasts show brighter fruit, peanut, and gentle spice character while darker roasts push bakers chocolate, roasted nuts and blackened cane sugar.



Bali Kintamani Natural *

A rich and overtly fruity coffee that is a seasonal favorite. Flavors of dried tropical fruit, ripe stone fruit, fresh savory herbs, praline and raw cacao are present in the lighter roast levels. The herbal fruity flavors carry through to darker roasts.



Sumatra Kokowagayo *

Sage, leather, sweet grass and pepper present in the lighter roast range with a clean caramel and graham cracker finish. Look for big chocolate and sweet/savory spices as second crack starts. A fine showing from an Indonesian bumper crop.



Thailand Chang Mai *

A crisp and balanced coffee with a clean finish. Subtle stone fruit and fresh pear flavors are present in lighter roasts along with sugar cane and a touch of milk chocolate. Darker roasts trend towards classic blackened sugar flavors.



Colombia Vereda Cristalina *

Not your typical Colombian coffee. Lighter roasts will highlight a delightful array of fruit flavors including plum, dark cherries, red grapes and dried peaches. Sweet milk chocolate, nougat and brown sugar flavors add balance and complexity.