• Ethiopia Hambela Estate Natural *

Ethiopia Hambela Estate Natural *

Fruit forward and delightfully sweet. Lighter roasts highlight blackberry jam, dried tropical fruit, cane sugar and milk chocolate flavors. Fruit flavors carry well into the darker roasts with the chocolate flavors transitioning to a rich dark chocolat
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Producer: Hambela Coffee Estate
Region: Guji, Oromia
Certification: Organic
Variety: Indigenous heirloom cultivars
Elevation (MASL): 1900 - 2200
Processing: Natural

Body: Heavy

Acidity: Medium


Okay, so I am new to roasting my own coffee and how very different the flavors can be, even from the same country. I had previously gotten beans from the Suke Quto farm in Ethiopia. I loved it. Super mellow, easy to drink in my lattes. Then I decided to try this variety. At first, I did not like it. The smell was indeed fruity. The taste was different. And then like a person who can't stand hoppy beers or dry wines initially, I started to appreciate the flavor. I learned to roast it a little darker, but not too dark. And now I love it. That said, it's distinct and for something a bit more mellow, I am trying something else for my next two batches of beans (headed to Indonesia and Costa Rica I believe).

Just FYI that I use the Fresh Roast SR540 to roast the beans and am running it with the settings at 9-9-9 for the first minute or two, dropping the fan level to 7 (so 7-9-8), and then at first crack or maybe 30 seconds later at around 4 minutes, I bump the fan back up to 9 (so about 9-9-4). For those not using this, 9-9-9 refers to fan speed-heat setting-minutes to roast.

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