SR500 Fresh Roast
SR500 Fresh Roast SR500 Fresh Roast SR500 Fresh Roast SR500 Fresh Roast

SR500 Fresh Roast


The SR500 is, bang-for-buck wise, our favorite home coffee roaster and the one that we tend to recommend for most users. The SR500 is built on the same chassis as the SR300, but it has the added features of a rheostat to control the fan speed and three temperature settings. These additions give the user the ability to control the way that the heat is applied to the coffee beans. At a minimum this allows the user to compensate for changes in ambient temperature while not over complicating the roasting process. The added control will also allow the user to easily bridge the gap between beginner and more advanced roasting styles and techniques. In short, the added control makes the SR500 a practical and easy to use coffee roaster that beginners and advanced home coffee roasters will appreciate.

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Product Details:
Style: Fluidized Bed
Capacity: ¼ pound (120 grams)
Control: Yes, fan and temperature
Roast Time: 6-10 minutes
Cooling: Yes, Internal 3 minutes
Bean Visibility: Excellent
Smoke reduction: None
Chaff Collection Capability: Moderate

Counter top: H13” x W7” x D8”
Shipping: H14 x W8-1/2” x D8-1/2”
Counter top: 4.5 pounds
Shipping: 6 pounds
Model # = FB102SR500