Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster
Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster

Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster


The Gene Cafe is a 1/2 pound (250g) hybrid drum roaster that uses a unique off-axis rotating drum and hot air to produce a consistent and evenly roasted coffee. Known for it’s durability and ease of use the Gene Cafe is a great choice for everyone from beginners to advanced roasters.

The Gene Cafe ships with an 8 pound sample pack. If you would like to have several decaf options included in your sample pack please mention it in the notes during check out.

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  • Unique off-axis twisting motion
  • Fully Automatic with manual overrides for both roasting and cooling
  • Full control over both time and temperature settings
  • Heat range 300 - 482F (190-250C)
  • Cools with ambient air for up to 10 minutes
  • Capacity = 250g max
  • Clear glass roasting chamber
  • Quiet operation - 65dB
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • A unique home coffee roaster the Gene Café is a drum roaster that employs a hybrid convection/conduction roasting system. Capable of roasting a full ½ pound of coffee the Gene Café uses an off-axis rotating drum that is split down the middle by a perforated steel plate. The heat for the roasting process is provided by a fan blowing hot air against the metal plate and through the roasting chamber. The beans are roasted by a combination of the heat absorbed through contact with the metal plate and by the hot air passing through the roasting chamber. The air passing through the chamber also moves the smoke and chaff out of the roasting chamber. The chaff is deposited in a chaff collector and the smoke is released through the chimney. The Gene Café has a simple control panel that consists of two dials that allow you to adjust the time and temperature at any point during the roasting process. As with all of the home coffee roasters, the Gene Café has a built in cooling cycle which is engaged by the operator or by the timer reaching “0”.