Behmor Brain Upgrade

Behmor Brain Upgrade


Control panel upgrade that is compatible with all previous versions of Behmor coffee roasters. This easy too replace panel will turn your Behmor into the latest version.

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  • Manual Mode
  • Allows you to control temperatures and drum speed.
  • ”Rosetta Stone” Button
  • Resets timer, based on weight, to approximately the amount of time it takes to get from first crack to second crack. This button also allows you to add additional time at the end of a roast if you need to.
  • Temperature Readings
  • View temperature readings from the exhaust air and the roast chamber wall.
  • Display Control
  • Toggle between time and temperature displays.
  • Self Test
  • Perform system diagnostics for easier troubleshooting.
  • Compatibility
  • Works with all previous 110v versions of Behmor 1600 roasters.